A Dog called Lady

Here she sits

on her tuckerbox




Through the years


holiday makers,

and travellers

have stopped here

to look upon

the legend

which began

with a bullocky’s tale,

written too long ago.

Cameras click,

movies roll

and Lady sits

without a movement.

No yelping cries

from this canine,

she is too wise,

she’s seen too much

of people coming

and going,

some in a hurry to

move on to the next place

and others

lingering for a while by the blue gums . . .

watching her
or throwing coins

into the wishing well

which protects her from small children

who might climb upon her back.


And as the years roll on

there’ll be more generations

who take a moment or two

to turn off the ‘track’

at the Five Mile

and spend time

with a dog,

this symbol of faith,


and devotion

the Dog on the Tuckerbox.

© Corinne Fenton

Me at the statue with the book ‘The Dog on the Tuckerbox’ hardcover, 2008 which was launched at the Gundagai Library. The paperback is out this month.

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