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United Kingdom Release in September


Since the release and launch of A Cat Called Trim in March at The Little Bookroom, I was delighted to learn that the book would also be published in the United Kingdom with a release date of September 5 – next month.

During the week I found the first review for Trim in England, which is a little bit exciting, especially as I’ll be traveling to the UK in October for the launch of another book (more about that in future posts.)

The British review, a lovely one, is by Sue Martin from Dolphin Booksellers, UK and can be viewed at the link below:

Other reviews, some of which I have only found today, can be read from the following links:

A Cat Called Trim, Corinne Fenton, Craig Smith

The Daily Telegraph – 11 April, 2019.

Magpies Magazine – Volume Thirty Four Page Thirty-six

New South Wales Premier’s Reading Challenge:

A Cat Called Trim is also one of many wonderful books selected for the New South Wales Premier’s Reading Challenge

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