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Although I said I would write a blog every Wednesday, for no real reason other than I felt like a break, I’ve missed the last two weeks. Perhaps it’s part of one of my new year resolutions to slow down a little, but I thought today I’d share some of what’s been happening over the Christmas New Year break in photo form. They are all taken in some of my favourite places, some old, some new.

Apart from the main Christmas days, most of us creators tend to work over the December/January period as deadlines remain and it’s often a good time to hide away, research, write and create, the very thing we all like doing best.

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  1. Sharon Lovely photos Corinne. especially the red bow trees. I remember I use to see them when I was coming home from work a couple of years ago...
    January 19, 2018 at 10:53 am · Reply

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