Book Signing at Collins Booksellers ABC Centre Croydon last Saturday for You Have My Heart

On Saturday May 7th, the wonderful Laraine and Mark at Collins Booksellers/ABC Centre Croydon, hosted a book signing with champagne and cupcakes, to celebrate Mother’s Day and ‘You Have My Heart’ a little book published by The Five Mile Press (thank you Karen Tayleur, Editorial Manager), illustrated by Robin Cowcher and written by me.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Collins Croydon for making such an effort for a wonderful signing. We had a day full of sunshine and yes, Harry was there to help, hiding under my skirt when he’d had enough cuddling from small children, and occupied himself instead by licking the ‘coconut-flavoured’ tanning lotion from my legs. A challenge!!!!! The photos below show it all.

The book has been receiving some beautiful reviews and sometimes I think the reviewers can actually explain the book much better than I can.

Miranda Tay from the Weekly Review describes it like this:

The duo behind Little Dog and the Christmas Wish 
(which inspired the 2015 Myer Christmas windows),
author Corinne Fenton and illustrator Robin Cowcher,
have dedicated their second book to their mums
(hint: Mother’s Day gift, anyone?). It’s a little beauty.
Based on W.Gerrod Parrott’s study of emotions,
the book celebrates how love can transcend the highs and
lows of daily life.

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