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The friend I’m showcasing in this week’s blog post, is author, interviewer/mc, blogger and social media expert, Sue Lawson. Her bio displays a wealth of life experience which she draws upon in her writing – everything from picture books to junior novels and her specialty, writing for that challenging genre, young adults.

About Young Adult & Children's Writer Sue Lawson - Sue Lawson

I’m trying to remember where Sue and I first met – I’m guessing it was at a Black Dog Books launch or celebration of some kind, more than 12 years ago. Together we have shared the highs and lows of writing, attended writing festivals and conferences, speaking engagements at schools and libraries and supported each other at launches. Sue has always been there for me to offer advice and support.

My most memorable moment – Sue standing at Geelong Station with a ‘Greet the Author’ sign. Her sense of humour came to the front line that day as Harry the westie and I were in particular need of love and care. Contrary to previous advice, my little four-legged friend and I were not permitted on the train unless Harry was caged.

About to board the Geelong train.

Harry was shaking from head to toe and I was at nervous breakdown level, when we were rescued by a nurse on the train who called a medical emergency. Harry and I spent the remainder of the journey to Geelong cuddled together on the floor, the cage being removed from sight. Harry recovered before I did and as we disembarked at Geelong Station, there was Sue with her sign.

Here’s Sue’s bio, which is only the tip of the iceberg, but go to her website to find out more about this amazing woman, her work, her awards and what she has achieved.

A former journalist with over 20 years in radio working for both the ABC and commercial stations, Sue also brings long experience as a teacher and bookseller. Sue currently writes full-time, runs workshops and author talks and interviews literary creators at festivals, libraries and other events throughout Australia. During 2020 Sue looked for ways to highlight writers and writing and embraced all forms of social media, which she continues with today.

Sue is currently working on a number of projects with Aunty Fay Muir and Magabala Books.







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