Review from The Blackpool Gazette – UK
By Pam Norfolk

Lionel and Me
Corinne Fenton and Tracie Grimwood

Young and not-so-young, little and not-so-little, well-behaved and not-so-well-behaved… the best friendships can be formed from the strangest pairings! Australian author Corinne Fenton and fellow Aussie, illustrator Tracie Grimwood, team up for an enchanting and heartwarming picture book which celebrates the eternal joy of friendship and the rewards that come from being patient. When dachshund puppy Lionel arrives in his house, Maverick is unimpressed. Lionel seems to be getting all the family’s attention, eating tastier-looking food, and generally making everybody smile. Will there ever be enough love to go round for the two dogs? Fenton’s gentle, cautionary tale explores feelings of jealousy and compassion with humour and wisdom, while Grimwood’s charming, soulful illustrations bring all the action and emotions to life.

(New Frontier Publishing, paperback, £7.99)


Becky | Book Reviews

This is a lovely story helping children to learn to accept and include new family members at the same time as encouraging inclusion and friendship.

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Kids’ Book Review

This is a glorious, fun and uplifting story containing all of the very best picture-bookish things: gorgeous illustrations, a fabulously relatable story, cute dogs, friendships and family.

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Lionel and Me

When Lionel arrives, Maverick is unimpressed.

Is there enough LOVE to go round for the two of them?

A delightful book that celebrates inclusion and friendship.