Corinne’s Biography

Corinne Fenton is an award-winning Australian author who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her forte is most definitely children’s picture books.

Her writing is heartwarming and honest, with a lean towards social history. That’s what makes her books such firm favourites with both children and the young at heart.

Corinne loves nature walks and animals, which are both themes that crop up in her writing. Most of her books are about animals, which speaks to her fondness for creatures great and small.

The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has shortlisted Corinne in their 2023 awards. Her book, ‘Lionel and Me’ has been nominated in the Early Childhood category. It’s a beautiful story about inclusion and friendship.

Corinne’s ‘Lionel and Me’ has also been named a Notable book in the CBCA Early Childhood category.

Corinne Fenton’s Biography for Kids

Corinne Fenton is actually a pen name. Prior to becoming an author, Corinne was known as Corinne King. Under this name, she was the Assistant Regional Adviser of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in Australia. A role Corinne undertook for almost eight years.

Corinne has always had a soft spot for books and even began writing some poetry of her own at primary school. She didn’t want anyone to read her work and would hide her poems under her bed.

Before becoming a writer, Corinne had lots of other jobs, including working as a secretary, chamber-maid, waitress, nanny and executive assistant.

As well as writing about animals, Corinne is pretty well known within her friendship circles for rescuing animals. If she sees an animal in need, she just can’t resist. Maybe that’s why most of her books include an animal hero or heroine.

If you’re asking yourself, ‘what does Corinne Fenton write?’, then read on to find out more.

What Books Has Corinne Fenton Written?

If you want to find out more about Corinne Fenton books, then you’re in the right place! You might be familiar with ‘To the Bridge’ by Corinne Fenton, or ‘A Cat Called Trim’ by Corinne Fenton, but did you know she’s written twenty-nine titles so far?

Take a look at all of her titles:

  • A Cat Called Trim
  • Bob the Railway Dog
  • Chasing Shadows
  • Counting On You
  • Creaky House Club
  • Creepy McPhee
  • Flame Stands Waiting
  • Hey Baby!
  • Hey Baby, It’s Christmas
  • Hey Dad, You’re Great
  • Hey Mum, I Love You
  • Lionel and Me
  • Little Dog and the Christmas Wish
  • Little Dog and the Summer Holiday
  • Midnight in the Tunnel PM Extras Emerald: PM Extras Chapter Books Emerald
  • My Friend Tertius
  • One Christmas Eve
  • One Lone Swallow
  • Queenie: One Elephant’s Story
  • Scruffle-Nut
  • Subbie and his mate
  • The Dog on the Tuckerbox
  • The Highway Turtles
  • The Reef Riders
  • To the Bridge
  • You have my heart
  • A Bit Too Small (Cambridge Bright Sparks – Level 3)
  • Mum And The Bumblebee (Cambridge Bright Sparks – Level 3)
  • The Lost Circus (Momentum Literacy Program, Step 6, Level D)

Many of Corrine’s picture books have been published in Melbourne, where she lives, as well as in the USA, and the UK. Some of her titles have even been published in other languages around the world.

‘Lionel and Me’

What is ‘Lionel and Me’ about?

‘Lionel and Me’ is an adorable tale, all about Maverick and Lionel.

Maverick is a golden retriever who loves his home and the people who look after him. He’s happiest when enjoying his own space or sprawled in the middle of the couch at home. Put simply, he loves being loved.

Then, along comes Lionel the dachshund. He arrives into Maverick’s world quite unexpectedly, throwing Maverick’s routines and expectations off kilter.

What unravels is a sweet story about acceptance, inclusion and, most of all, friendship.

What are the themes of ‘Lionel and Me’?

This lovely story touches on many themes that are perfect for a young audience, including:

  • dealing with change;
  • the introduction of new family members or siblings;
  • inclusion;
  • acceptance;
  • belonging;
  • unconditional love.

The blurb

“When Lionel arrives, Maverick is unimpressed.

Is there enough LOVE to go round for the two of them?”

Why has ‘Lionel and Me’ been nominated for a CBCA 2023?

The CBCA judges had this to say about ‘Lionel and Me’…

“The theme of the younger/new addition to the family is highly relatable to the age level of this audience, adding the themes of an animal protagonist/antagonist and animal angst. The title and imprint pages cleverly set up the conflict and tension before the narrative begins. Narrated by the dog Maverick, the language is simple and clear, with lovely pauses and bold words for directed emphasis and expression. Many young children may be able to identify with Maverick’s emotions, allowing them to self-reflect and connect. Whilst this book is about a pet dog learning to accept a new puppy into the household, it would also provide a very useful tool in supporting discussions about a new family member, and the mixed feelings that come with this. The narrative arch is well-sustained and draws the reader in, leading to a perfectly pitched and delightfully surprising resolution. The pencil and watercolour illustrations are beautiful, full of movement, and perfectly convey the mood and emotions”.

Corinne Fenton’s Awards and Accomplishments

  • Corinne has received CBCA awards for some of her previous titles, including ‘Queenie’, ‘The Dog on the Tuckerbox’, ‘Bob the Railway Dog’ and ‘My Friend Tertius’.
  • Corinne’s books were showcased at the Bologna Book Fair in Italy in March 2010.
  • In 2014–2015, Corinne was the judge for the primary school category of Australia’s Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards.
  • ‘Little Dog and the Christmas Wish’ and ‘One Christmas Eve’ were chosen as the themes for the Myer Department Store Christmas windows in 2015. The Christmas display celebrated the department store’s sixtieth anniversary.
  • The window display came second at the Global Department Store Summit 2016 in the category for World’s Best Store Window Campaign.
  • A model character of Corinne that was included in the window display now resides in the Block Arcade in Melbourne. It commemorates the place where Corinne first started writing ‘Little Dog and the Christmas Wish’.
  • The Eltham Library held an exhibition of Corinne’s ‘Words and Windows’ in 2017. It included works from the illustrators she’s worked with, too.

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