Books can go anywhere

Last week when I was taking my grandson for a walk in his pusher, a passer-by stopped me, exclaiming ‘He’s reading!’

To me it was a very normal thing to do, hand him a book to look at while we were walking. I kept thinking about it afterwards, asking myself would the passer-by have made the same comment if my grandson had been looking at my iphone. Sadly, I suspect not.

It was a reminder that we can, and should take a book anywhere and read or look through it, or share it, any time.

A few years ago I remember passing a local school where a class of children were sitting under the trees all with books in their hands. It was such a wonderful thing to see.


I’d love to see the iphones put away while parents and grandparents are out with their children and grandchildren. Apart from books, there are so many wonderful things to see and do out there, things to notice and talk about and games to play, none of which require an iphone.

And, don’t forget –  animals love to read as well!


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