You Have My Heart

Based on Parrot’s classification of the six emotions — joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and love — this book offers young readers the tools to describe their own feelings. It is also a simple, yet effective, message of love.

You have my heart


“A beautiful message of unconditional love and support, You have my Heart may bring a tear to your eye, or a smile to your face. A sensitive storybook that will resonate with children and the big people who read to them.”

 — Brydie Wright, Creative Kids Tales


“The tripping lines of words will be a treat to read aloud to a child or class, and will encourage children to read it for themselves… This is a book to read and reread… Originally conceived as a Mother’s Day message, the book has much wider appeal, showing children that they are not alone in times of need. The illustrations with limited colour complement the words beautifully, using line drawings, greys and red to show the six different emotions felt by the girl, and using a red balloon to reflect the way the child is feeling.”
— Fran Knight, Boomerang Books


“Miss K and I both loved reading this book … It was a great way to start a dialogue about her feelings and just to let her know that each of the six emotions that the book explores were all OK. And then we’d read it again just to enjoy its sweet message… If you have someone special in your life and you want to let them know how you feel, I definitely recommend buying this as a gift for them today.”
— Searching for Sanity Blog
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