The Dog on the Tuckerbox

This quintessential Australian story tells the story of Lady and her master, Bill. It is the story of early white settlement; of the bullockies who worked the rough tracks to open up the land, and of one dog’s unwavering loyalty to her master.

The Dog on the Tuckerbox


“… a dramatic and moving story of companionship and love, told with compassion for the animal at its centre and presented in images that will remain with the reader long after the book is closed…”
— Stephanie Owen Reeder, The Canberra Times


“Like Queenie, this too has the feeling of a meticulous yet lovingly researched story…”
— Hilary Adams, Bookseller+Publisher


“It is this relationship between master and dog that captures the Australian spirit and makes the book small in length, but huge in heart…”
— Sarah Warne, Weekly Times


“A visual and literary delight…”
— Sally Murphy,


“Working together, (Corinne and Peter) have timelessly re-created the social realism of this historical period to give new life to an iconic Australian folk tale.”
— Chloe Mauger, Magpies


“The story is simply and emotively told, giving us insight into life of the bullockies who worked the rough tracks and to the loyalty of a special dog in times of hardship.”
— Jennifer Melnik, Cherrabubble Magazine

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