One Lone Swallow

One lone swallow flies out into the night to find her mate, leaving her nestlings behind.

Will she find him and return home safely? ​

This stunning and evocative book takes you on a bird’s eye view journey through the streets of Florence, Italy.

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This beautiful story of fidelity, of the swallow’s commitment to finding her mate will be read and read again by children. The words reveal her constancy in her search, pushing her nestlings to the back fo her mind, flying over the whole city in her quest.
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Can You Tell Me A Story

One Lone Swallow will help you travel both over lands and seas as well as back in time to Florence, Italy in 1805. You will journey alongside a small swallow as she searches the city for her mate.
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Happy book release to @corinnefenton! What a beautiful story! We’re so pleased and grateful to have ‘One Lone Swallow’ in store now ready for Christmas
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