One Lone Swallow

One lone swallow flies out into the night to find her mate, leaving her nestlings behind.

Will she find him and return home safely? ​

This stunning and evocative book takes you on a bird’s eye view journey through the streets of Florence, Italy.

Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub

This is a beautifully told, stunningly illustrated tale of commitment and fidelity. Corinne’s poetic text in combination with Owen Swan’s breath-taking scenes of the twilight Florence of yesteryear make for an extraordinary cultural and aesthetic experience.
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Jillian Custance

Corinne Fenton is the Australian author of over a dozen picture books. For One Lone Swallow she has once again teamed up with illustrator Owen Swan, after working together for the two other books Scruffle-Nut and My Friend Tertius.
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The Surfcoast Bookshelf

‘In the Italian city of Florence, in a time-long past, one lone swallow flies. With a bird’s eye view of the beautiful city, she searches for her mate…’

I love Italy and the city Florence and as the idea of travelling anytime soon slips away, I found this book particularly heartening and uplifting.

This delicate, beautifully descriptive tale is a delight. The illustrations take you on an evening journey past much of the important architecture of Florence. The tonal palette of predominantly blue works well to create a mood and sense of time and place. The end papers reflect the much loved symbol of Florence.

Corinne dedicated the book to Italy…her art, her music and her people. This is such a warm hearted book which I highly recommend.

The publisher New Frontier provides extensive teacher notes. Magnifico!!

Bookish Way to Play

One Lone Swallow is a beautifully lyrical picturebook that charts the touching tale of two swallows who call the magical city of Florence home.
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Shelley Stephens – CBCA Reading Time

A poignantly told story about hope, companionship and determination, One Lone Swallow encourages us all to cherish the things we hold most dear, especially in challenging times.
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Diane’s Picture Book Favourites

Corinne Fenton’s picture book about one lone swallow has taken me straight back to that magical moment. Beginning with the peel of bells, one lone swallow embarks on a search for her mate who has not returned to their shared nest.
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The Bottom Shelf – Great books for little people

For most of us, night comes in each day almost unnoticed in its regularity and sameness, unless there is a stunning sunset or storm to catch the eye. But in this simple story, Fenton and Swan, creators of other sensitive stories like Scrufflenut, turn the reader’s focus to the sights and sounds of nightfall, not just in Florence on this night but their own backyard.
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The Little Reader
Bookstagram & Sensory Play

“𝙊𝙣𝙚 𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙚 𝙨𝙬𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙤𝙬 𝙛𝙡𝙚𝙬”.
Stunning! A beautiful tale about loyalty, devotion and love.
The first page sets the scene and how excited we are as we travel back to the 19th century, Florence, Italy!
There is a vibrant blue swallow and lyrical text to guide us on this lone swallows journey…searching “Witt-Witt”. Searching for her soul mate whilst her nestlings wait for her return.

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Read Plus

This beautiful story of fidelity, of the swallow’s commitment to finding her mate will be read and read again by children. The words reveal her constancy in her search, pushing her nestlings to the back fo her mind, flying over the whole city in her quest.
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Can You Tell Me A Story

One Lone Swallow will help you travel both over lands and seas as well as back in time to Florence, Italy in 1805. You will journey alongside a small swallow as she searches the city for her mate.
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Collins Books Wagga Wagga

Happy book release to @corinnefenton! What a beautiful story! We’re so pleased and grateful to have ‘One Lone Swallow’ in store now ready for Christmas
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