Hey Mum, I Love You

A love letter to Mum. Hey Mum, do you know how much I love you? From prickly hedgehog cuddles to nuzzling polar bear mothers, this beautiful book is a joyous celebration of motherhood, featuring adorable animal photography.

Hey Mum, I Love You


The text is simple and would absolutely appeal to very small children. I can imagine mums reading this book and doing some of the actions with their children. It would make ideal reading for bedtime… Recommended.’

Christine Frayling, Booksellers NZ


‘My favourite part of the book is the conclusion. The narrator says, “Because I know with you by my side, I can do anything.” I love that simple but empowering message… I would recommend this as a quiet read aloud…’

— Julie Grasso, Creative Kids Tales


‘Heartstring tugging text and cute baby animals photos. What more could you ask for in a picture book? Should be compulsory reading for mothers everywhere after a hard day’s mothering. We love this one.’

Story Mama


‘A gorgeous book to share with babies and young children.  Use this book to introduce animals and the noises they make.’

— Little Big Book Club

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