Hey Dad, You’re Great

Hey, Dad. Let me tell you how great I think you are!

From sneaky tickling pandas, to warm seal squeezes, this book is a celebration of fathers of all shapes and sizes in the animal kingdom. A lovely book to share with Dad.

Hey Dad, You’re Great


‘A tribute to all dads, this hardback picture book is a nice way to introduce your baby to the other baby animals of the world, showing the many special bonds held within Mother (or should I say Father) Nature. The focus of this book is the beautiful natural photographs of a variety of animals bonding with their parents. The photographs are big and bold, with the animals clearly visible for a young one to marvel…The text is humorous, and sure to bring a smile to any dad’s face reading to his bundle of joy.’

— REC Pearson, Creative Kids Tales


‘This is a simple and wonderful story about the confidence that comes from knowing that your dad ‘is always there’. The wonderfully simple and warm verse is supported by photographs of animal fathers and their young. Children aged 0-4 will love the images and enjoy being read this simple book that speaks of security, love and confidence in your dad…’

— Trevor Cairney


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