Hey Baby, It’s Christmas

Hey Baby, hold on tight, Christmas is coming!

The appealing, sometimes quirky, photos of baby animals are a perfect offering for the very young at Christmas.

Hey Baby, It’s Christmas


‘An attractive picture book to share with toddlers. It encapsulates the excitement of young children preparing for Christmas and wondering if it will ever come. Colourful photographs of cute baby animals have instant appeal… The brief storyline ensures each word is important and has impact. The text stands out crisp and clear on white pages with plenty of space. Large font size encourages word recognition for slightly older children. Key words are emphasised in bold type and invite interaction between reader and child…’

— Jean Bennett,  bookrapt


Corinne Fenton is established as one of Australia’s treasured authors of beautiful picture books… perfect for those calm, soothing times, when you can steal plenty of sneaky kisses and cuddles with your little one, whilst teaching them the true meaning of Christmas… Love!

— Romi Sharp, Boomerang Books

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