Flame Stands Waiting

A story for every child who has dared to dream…

Flame is a beautiful, golden carousel horse with a sad heart. Unlike the other horses designed to move up and down, Flame was built to stand still. The children choose to ride on the turning, dancing horses and Flame is left waiting. Until one day, a little girl called Clara comes to ride the carousel… Together, the horse and girl dare to dream.

Flame Stands Waiting


“The story beautifully captures the power of imagination, as the spirit of both the child and horse are given the freedom to soar. The full-page illustrations are evocative of a bygone era, adding depth to the story and providing the opportunity to discuss memories of childhood, and the dreams we share, with a younger generation.”
— Junior Bookseller and Publisher March-May 2010


“…innocent and nostalgic, this picture book celebrates an earlier time when pleasures seemed simpler. The text complements the pictures beautifully. Never overwhelming the reader with unnecessary detail, it lets the pictures do the talking. The language may be simple but it is evocative… and the repetition of Flame stands waiting will appeal to younger readers. This is a book to linger over.”
— Magpies May 2010


“Award-winning author, Corinne Fenton has excelled again with her new picture book, Flame Stands Waiting. The language Fenton employs juxtaposes the beauty and the magic of the carousel with the sadness of Flame, an integral part of the carousel, and demonstrates how dreams can inspire and uplift us to achieve against all odds… The illustration of Clara and Flame flying across the moon lit night sky is one of unrestrained joyousness and freedom… Flame Stands Waiting is a beautiful book that is bound to become a family favourite to be shared time and time again.
— Buzzwords April 2010


“A tender story which will appeal to those who wish to share a moving story with the class or their children and grandchildren, Flame Stands Waiting recalls carousels of the past, but encourages the young to dream. Like Fenton’s Queenie, I cried from cover to cover, so I can only warn you! Read it first before reading it aloud…”
— ReadPlus March 2010


“I knew I would love this book the moment I laid eyes on it… a simple tale of the power of imagination and dreams with pictures that help tell the story, by setting the time and place… This is (an example of) Australian picture books at their best!”
— Busy Mothers May 2010

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