Counting on You

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes an ill wind blows, or life can get you down. Still, it’s good to know that there is someone to count on through the highs and the lows…

A beautiful picture book — perfect for sharing.

Counting on You


“Simply gorgeous to look at and read, Counting On You … the perfect partner to You Have My HeartCounting On You … is based on Parrot’s classification of the six emotions; joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and love…

The simplicity of the text and the stunning sketch-like illustrations prove that sometimes less is more. Robin Cowcher’s signature style of limited colour and simple lines are, once again, an ideal complement to Corinne Fenton’s beautifully strung together words.

Uplifting and encouraging, Counting On You is perfectly designed to be read aloud, over and over again.

— Susan Whelan, Kids’ Book Review


‘Counting on You jumped out at me because I loved the whimsical cover as well as the sentiment. It’s being marketed as a potential Father’s Day present but is really suitable for any child with loving family and friends…’

debbish dot com


‘Simple  poetic text with watercolour and pen and ink illustrations that superbly enhance the text…A book for discussion and reflection.’

—  bobsbooks


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